Our Staff

Universal System Consultant successfully recruits and retains top quality experienced technical professionals with a highest security clearances. We prioritize keeping our employees skilled and trained in the state of the arts in information technology with best industry practices.  Our staffs are highly qualified technical expertise entrusted with a vital new mission due to our advanced IT services.  We offer an inclusive work place, leverage diverse talents, reward outstanding performance, continually challenge each employee, provide opportunities for individual growth and inspire achievement, which attract the most driven and innovative talents.  We retain the quality and productive individuals and build upon it through extensive employee referrals.
  • Our staff has 10  years experience in managing the project life cycle of large enterprise system hardware & software development 
  •  Our staff has 10  years experience in  the project life cycle of Independent Verification & Validation, and  QA Software Testing.
  • Our staff has 10 years experience in the programming languages of  C++, Ja
    va, J2EE, J2SE, JBOSS, SQL, Visual Basic, Perl, Korn, Cobol, BASIC, FORTRAN, GUI applications programming, and assembly language for the Intel Pentium, Motorola 68000/Power PC, iX86/Pentium Core processor, and Texas Instrument (TI) Digital Signal Processor (DSP) families of microprocessors.
  • Our staff has 10 years experience in analog and digital circuits and systems design, and general networking systems.  Designed and developed the tank weapon on US Marine’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) for General Dynamics Amphibious System (Vetronics.)  This EFV with an effective fighting capability was broadcasted on the History TV channel/Future Weapons show on September 2007.  Designed and developed the B1-Bomber Radar Computer and System Integration.  Architected, and designed the network and hardware interfaces.
  • Our staff has 10 years experience in developing  testing protocols, and automated test tools such as HP-Mercury, and IBM-Rational.  
  • Our staff has 10 years experience in developing software tool for data communication, data monitoring and information processing. 
  • Our staff has 10 years experience in digital and analog circuit hardware designs, circuits testing, and troubleshooting.  
  • Our staff has 10 years in system engineering, development & design of systems, system integration, network security, and implementation.