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Our Awards

Understand the customers' needs, listen and response to their demands, which is our nature and also our business to help the customers. To date, our major successes and achievements are to provide the technical expertise, quality services, feasible resolution, risk mitigation, low cost, and promptly deliverable.  We are flexible and adaptable to any sudden changes, chaotic situations, ad hoc environments, schedule constraints, etc.  We solved their problems, and overcome any impediments.  We earned customers' business by our credential and quality services.
Our awards below are one of our major successes that are officially recognized by the Government and prime contractors for appreciation, hard work, diligence, expertise, and excellent performance:
  • Boeing’s certificate of appreciation, 2008
  • Letter of appreciation from Department of Treasury/IRS/Chief Electronic Submission Testing Branch OS for hard work, diligence, expertise, and excellent in allowing the Product Assurance’s test team to accomplish their testing responsibilities and in supporting the IRS’s Modernization effort, 2003.
  • Martin Marietta Corp. /Technical Achievement Award, 1987