Executive Summary

Universal System Consultant, LLC is the Project Management and Information Technology (IT) Consultant Services.  The company was found in 1999 by Mr. Tru Le, MSEE from Virginia Tech, as a sole proprietor; licensed and operated in the state of Virginia; certified as a US Small Business Administration 8(a) in 2010.
We are committed to provide the consultant services and solutions for the multiple million dollars programs in Project Management, IT support using the waterfall, Agile, and ITIL methodology for the Government, and Commercial Corporate America as a subcontractor/consultant.
  • We specialize in the full life cycle of Project Management, Information Technology (IT) Consultant Services, System Integration, System Engineering, Communications Networks, Software Development, Independent Verification & Validation, QA Testing, Operation & Maintenance (O&M), Risk Management, and Research & Development on the new technology, system Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM), system scalability, as well as the analysis of system vulnerability, and system security. 
  • We are in response to the customers' critical missions, needs, and demands on the supply of Project Management (PM) and IT services for the IT Programs that are the strategic and operational core of business and it is also the essential economic interests of commercial business, national defense, intelligence communities, law enforcers, Local Government & States that require the feasible IT solutions on security  information & collaboration, integration, implementation, strategy, management, and domain understanding of the users’ needs and customers’ special purposes and missions.
  •  We are dedicated to provide the state of art with highest-quality IT services and resources to our customers.  We promptly deliver the superior IT services and solutions to the US government and commercial customers within Continental of U.S. 
  • On commitments with our teammates and customers, we achieved through open and honest communications with ourselves, our partners and our customers with confidentiality, integrity, availability, and ethicality.  We strike for the customer satisfaction by grasping the customer’s critical mission and needs. We continually strive to deliver the feasible solutions and best quality services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • We are unique and best at what we do.  Our main business success is achieved through listening to the users’ needs, understand the customers’ missions, complying with the requirements, providing the feasible solutions, and promptly delivering quality services/products, as well as recognizing and rewarding individuals and team success.
  • We are willing to invest valuable time and take appropriate action to be successful, even if it means going outside of our comfort zone.  We approach the potential clients and referral sources, and give them a reason to talk to and team up with us. We follow up and follow through with our contacts. Marketing and sales are essential for promoting and expanding our business.  We relentlessly persevere with the determination of being the best in our endeavor.
  • Our customers' mission is our mission.  Our customers' business is our business. Our motto is "LISTEN!" to the customers' needs.